Online Computers is an Authorised Service Provider for Apple, with all repairs performed in our fully equipped service centre. 

We provide both warranty and out of warranty servicing on the following Apple products:

iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Beats

Warranty Repairs

Parts & Labour are free of charge based on the terms & conditions of the Apple limited warranty.

Non Warranty Repair

Diagnostic Fee (also includes the first hour of service) | $105.00 + gst   

Hourly charge for carry in work | $105.00 + gst

We are able to provide all hardware repairs for Apple products, we can also diagnose and repair most software faults you may be experiencing with MacOS X.

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm


Proof of purchase must be supplied or confirmed before any warranty repairs will commence.


Any faults detected that are not covered under the “Manufacturer’s Warranty” terms and conditions will incur the minimum billing rate. Any further chargeable work will only be carried out on approval from the customer/client. Examples of such non-warranty faults: cleaning, software, viruses, spillage, impact damage. It is the responsibility of the owner to back up any data prior to the computer being logged in. We in no way warranty the integrity or safety of the data.


Repair quotations are subject to change if any unforeseen faults are encountered during the repair process. The customer/client will be contacted prior to the extra repairs commencing.

Inspection Fee

The inspection fee covers the time taken to diagnose the fault/s and document the repair event. Some faults can be repaired during the initial diagnosis and require no extra charge. If any additional labour time or hardware parts are required for the repair, an additional quotation is provided prior to the repair commencing.

Billing Rates

Diagnostic Charge | $105.00 + gst

Hourly Labour Tier | $105.00 + gst

Abandoned Goods

In the event that goods are not collected within three months from the date received, Online Computers reserves the right to resell or dismantle for parts, to recoup any costs. Goods may also be disposed of.

Get Support

The links below will take you to the official Apple support App or webpage which will help you work through any issues you may have, and if required, will allow you to book in your device with us.